Selling Out – One Post At A Time. Yes, I Sold A Post.

I sold a blog post today – literally.  Some time ago (I won’t get specific) I wrote a 32 word blog post that had a random (seemingly) phrase in it that recently caught someone’s interest.  The phrase was also the blog post title. 

It was a “catch phrase” that I just made up – but now, (some time later), a company is launching a product that uses the same catch-phrase I coined (some time ago).

Since the way my post used the phrase was contrary to the goals of the company, and since it was unique, and it had good “Google Juice”, the company very politely, and without any threat or fear of threat (they acknowledged that I had “coined the phrase” long before they had) offered to pay me to kill my blog post.  They just wanted “clear title” to the phrase – and they wanted to be found if someone searched for it.

I cannot go into specifics about the post (now deleted) or the terms.  But it was substantial enough that I elected to delete something that I alone created and controlled.  It would not buy a car, or allow me to retire.

Sure – that info is still “out there” somewhere – in Google Cache, for example.  But in a very short time the Google Juice I have for the phrase will be dead, and the new owners of the phrase will get top billing on the search results. 

Which is what they wanted.

I didn’t delete anything significant – there were not even any comments on the post.  It was, like many of my posts, just “something weird I thought of and posted”.

Did I sell out?  I sure did.  But I didn’t sell anyone else out, so I am comfortable with my decision.

Did I get rich – no.  Would I sell another post for money – I doubt it – this was a very unique situation.  You could not, for example, pay me to delete any of the negative posts that I have written about any company or service here.

Some of my most popular posts are ones that I either praise or punish some company that I think is worthy of my opinion about them.  I would never consider selling those posts.

If you are shocked by my actions go look through your blog history and tell me there isn’t a single insignificant post you wouldn’t sell to help put your child through college.  I am sure you have a meaningless post or two that nobody would ever miss.

I traded a useless, silly, and ignored post for a chance to get my kid through college.  Judge me if you wish.  I have no regrets.  



    Nah, just kidding. I would have done the same thing given the terms you did (ie: did not affect anyone else or a stated opinion).

    I actually admire the fact that you took a stand and wrote about it. Most people would probably just do it and never comment on the fact as no one would probably ever notice.

    I would be interested in seeing the cache just to find out what the company plans on marketing…

  2. @Jane – I changed the name back. And just FYI – you can read about the blog name up there in the FAQ tab 🙂


  3. I was confused when I didn’t find “stuffleufagus” in my feed reader and when I tried to resubscribe, FeedDemon yelled about a conflict. I guess it automagically updated it. 🙂 I remember the name (stuffleufagus) from a childhood show. Was this the inspiration for your old blog name? I recently did something similar i.e. accepted links in some blog posts in exchange for richly lined pockets.

  4. @n8k99 – good point. It is back – I kinda missed it too 🙂

  5. i prefer Stuffleufagus- it really brands you quite nicely- or at least sets you apart from all the other people thinking about their lives, but its your blog, i just read it.

    as far as selling out a post- go far it dude. i am happy you managed to make a trade of resources in this market, certainly it will help you out.

  6. @deannie – this blog (in it’s current form) isn’t old enough to age you :). I think this blog turns two in August. So you are just a toddler 😉

  7. @deannie – I just change the name today. While I loved Stuffleufagus for my own weird reasons, it didn’t add any value, and nobody ever got the name right. I think the new title describes this site more clearly, and making it clear that this blog is about me and my personal opinions will be important soon enough 🙂

  8. deannie says:

    oh! and thanks for not making references to my age in that last comment! 😉

  9. deannie says:

    Aww! Hey, you updated the name & other fun tidbits here. I miss out on this using a reader all the time. Thank goodness for late night AD troubles and waiting for replication!

  10. @deannie – I miss you. You’ve been a friend to me and this blog for a *long* time – and I like it when you remind me of that! 🙂

  11. deannie says:

    I am simply *shocked*. 😉

    I will immediately be leaving this website to go search my blog for good “Google juice”. Hee, I should post more often!