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I’ve long summarized this as, “Say what you are going to do, and do what you say you are going to do”.  I hate waiting at the Dentist, the Doctor, wherever. If I have an appointment, then I expect to be seen on time.  I’ve had jobs that were just as lucrative, and just as important as my Doctor or Dentist.  Yet for some reason, there are places we tolerate waiting.

And the more we tolerate it, the more we wait.

Our current dentist sees us within 5 minutes of our appointment – or he comes out personally and apologizes.  My last three doctors I have visited only once – they made me wait – more than 20 minutes past my appointed time.  Since I am always early for everything, this costs me way to much time.

I need a new family doctor now.  So if anyone reading this knows of a prompt (or at least courteous) Family Practitioner here in San Antonio, let me know his/her name.  As long as they respect my time as much as I respect their’s, we’ll get along just fine.

When a doctor overbooks her schedule and it’s typical to wait ten or thirty minutes for an appointment, then the story is made really clear to the patient. Who’s more important? And doesn’t this marketing effort affect the way the patient and the doctor communicate?

A contractor that prides himself on finishing every single job on the day it’s due, regardless of what it takes, is telling a powerful story, doing marketing that’s actually cheaper and more effective than advertising ever could be.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Marketing time


  1. As for waiting on doctors and dentists..
    I think insisting on prompt ‘servicing’ is irrational, based on the nature of their work.
    If you REALLY demand your doctor or dentist to see you at the exact time of your appointment, then you also should be prepared to be kicked out of there, due to unforeseen complications, with a thoroughly drilled-down tooth, but not filled yet… because your alloted time was up, and the next patient can’t be kept waiting.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    Of course .. I’m sure you can FIND a physician who would be there just for you, but then expect to pay a premium. A HUGE one!

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