Shaggy dog story: Part 2

This story, which I first blogged about here keeps getting more and more odd.  We’re at the mayor’s house now. The mayor is not answering the door. The shades are down. We just hope this isn’t another Waco.” And the reporters do seem to be having some fun with it.

You just have to go read the entire story.

It is not every day that a television news crew solves the local crime of the century. It happened yesterday in Alice.

Shaggy dog story: Part 2 | – Houston Chronicle


  1. @Patrick – Hey, cuz! Long, long time no hear! Glad you found me on LinkedIn, and I assume that led you to my blog!.

    Most of my brothers read this crap I write, so they will see you are here now.

    Hope you are well.

  2. Sounds like you folks in Texas have all the dog-gone fun…

  3. The judge who decided not to sign the warrant is a good friend of mine. I need to find out his reasoning for not giving the police the right to take the dog. I’m hoping he is in the right as in no legal reason or etc. and not that he just felt he shouldn’t. Is funny that this little dog has made national headlines of major newspapers. Our mayor really needs to remove herself from office and save this town’s what little dignity is left. But, knowing her, she’ll continue to lie and cheat her way out of everything. The city council meetings are now protected by the police department and people are being escorted out for trying to bring the topic up.
    Even if this dog was being abused by the original owners, which is doubtful seeing how they brought it to the vet when it got sick, it is not the mayors, nor anyone’s right to take the law into her/their own hands. Texas does have an animal cruelty law and our (yours and I’s) sister-in-law is one of the local animal control officers. They should of been notified first. This stupidity on the mayors half would of been her rescuing an abused dog (in her words) by notifying the authorities. It’s like the small town saying goes…three brothers…one a judge, one a police chief, the other a drug dealer…does the dealer ever serve time when busted?

  4. @Rick – the combination of small town politics and South Texas politics combined make for a very dysfunctional judicial system. The Court should have taken custody of this dog.

    The “conspiracy” line was just classic (classically stupid!)

  5. As the original story headline read here in Alice….. The Shitzu Hits the Fan, Here’s the video of the dog and etc taken by the news reporter. The part of the story that ticks me off the most is the stupid comment that her lawyer makes.