She thinks like an entrepreneur

Tonight my daughter and I were watching Monday night’s airing of Two and a Half Men (one of my favorite TV shows).  This reminded me that several months ago my daughter commented on the coffee mugs Charlie Sheen uses in the show – she likes them, and wanted some.  I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find anything (except OTHER people looking for the same mugs they had seen in the show).

When I told her I couldn’t find them, but she wasn’t the only one looking for them she said, “Well, someone should build a website for that.  Think of the possibilities – you work with the studios and create snapshots of the rooms your favorite characters hang out in (Seinfeld’s apartment, the Friends living room, Charlie Sheen’s kitchen, etc) and overlay a link to the products depicted in the room.  You see it, and you can buy it. Right then.”

“That would be cool”, she said. 

And she’s right.  I saw a lamp on another show tonight that I would love to have.

Of course, my first thought was – their technology match images with similar images (go look – it’s pretty cool).

So if someone were to do what my daughter suggested, what would it be worth?  Who knows.  But I bet a well written business plan could get a 7-figure “A-round” of funding to try and make it happen.

Affiliate fees, advertising for similar merchandise, similar shows, etc…

I think someone should build it.

If you do, I promise to use it 🙂