She’s just tired

I love my IBM Thinkpad T42p laptop. I’ve had her for four-plus years. I love that the texture on the plastic is worn to a smooth finish by my constant time on the machine. I love that even my second keyboard on this system has keycaps that are worn enough that if you didn’t know your QWERTY layout you often wouldn’t know what key you were pressing.

I love that she has just worked and worked; with a few exceptions – I wore one keyboard out, and have now nearly worn out another. I broke the USB connectors, and they were replaced. I love that I have an extended warranty that is good until JAN 2008.

But this old girl is tired. I’ve type well over a million words on her, and moved terabytes of data to and fro. She’s talked to people in over 40 countries, big and small (the people AND the countries!)

But I am in the market for something new. Something as reliable as she has been, yet maybe with a little more sex appeal.

What I really want is at least a 15 inch Macintosh Tablet PC that also runs Vista. And uses the iPhone Touch interface. But Apple hasn’t built that for me yet.

What’s the most kick-ass laptop on the market today?

It needs to be first dependable – VERY dependable. I have a lot of computers, but my laptop is my lifeline to all of them. Everything I do starts with my primary laptop. Almost everything I create gets created on my primary laptop. My laptop is my office. It’s my interface to my friends, and my greater world.

So what suggestions do you have? If price were no object (it is, of course) – but if it wasn’t – what would you buy?


  1. I bought a Latitude D820 for almost similar reasons(dependability etc….) a little over a year ago and I think it’s coped beautifully with my 24/7 usage. I don’t use any other desktop or laptop – just this one. It’s on almost throughout the day – and is right now an Apache and MySQL server too in my campus…I dual boot Windows XP Professional and Debian and Windows has been remarkable stable on my laptop – I have had applications hanging, but the system has never hanged – I’ve never seen a blue screen on my laptop so far. Also I have 3 years Warranty+Complete Cover and the support is pretty good and quick. Probably because of my overuse, the battery died around 9 months into the laptop’s life, but they gave me a new one courtesy the one-year warranty on the battery. Also, they’ve changed the adapter once when it burned out(under the warranty of course!), but other than that, I’ve had no problems with this system and would have gladly recommend it to anybody who can do without some Apple love 🙂