Should There Be A Privacy Line With Life Streaming?

I found this post by Duncan Riley interesting, but at the end of it, I had only one thought – "Different strokes for different folks".  Duncan may be "sickened" by the though of streaming his life – others are invigorated by it.

There is room for both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between. 

"Nothing to see here folks, please move along".

In other words, Duncan can worry about Duncan’s privacy – but he should let me worry about mine.  What I share, and how I share it is my business alone.

I still believe that some things should remain private. I’ve embraced Twitter in a big way, and I constantly update it, but most of what goes on in my family life remains private. Blogging even more so, its not as immediate as Twitter anyway. A visit to in particular shows people streaming their lives 24/7 and while I can see some appeal in doing a show, the thought that my every move may be watched sickens me.

Should There Be A Privacy Line With Life Streaming?