Shrihara is back in state :)

Shrihara is a friend from a number of years ago.  She works at Dell, and we met during an all-night marketing session in my hotel room (the night before we pitched to Dell).  Shrihara wasn’t in the meeting – she was in the gym across the courtyard.  She was working out while I had 7 guys in my hotel room.  I could see her, and she could see me with seven guys in my room.  I’m sure I looked strange to her with 7 guys sitting in my suite, reviewing Powerpoint slides until 2 am.

But I went over to the gym after our meeting broke up and I talked to her.  She was laughing at me because I had a room full of men.  It was after 2am when we met, and we were still talking over breakfast the next day.  I didn’t sleep at all, and went to Dell full of ideas based on my conversation with Shrihara.  Later, she told me she went back to India with a lot of ideas on how to improve software quality based on her talks with me.  It was a very comfortable relationship from the beginning.

We became close friends.  Although she worked for Dell and was in Austin every 2-3 months, she literally lived and worked in Bangalore, India.  So we would see each other now and then when she traveled back to Austin.  Not often.  Not too often, anyway (and not often enough).

We became good friends, then I moved to Florida in 2004 and we lost touch.  She’s back in the US now, and she found me through this blog.  Very cool.

She has an interesting story – her parents are both archeologists – her mother an American, her father from India.  They met in India during a “dig”.  Her parents married and moved to the US for 20 years – they moved back to India to continue their digging once Shrihara was in college.  They still live in India today.

While Shrihara and I once had a romantic relationship, we both relished our intellectual relationship more.  Enough more in fact than when the physical part of the relationship stopped – we still remained good friends, and we still spent the time we could together.  There was never even a discussion about the physical part of our relationship – we just both knew it had run it’s course, I think.

I haven’t seen Shrihara in three years, I imagine.  And I only saw her for a two year span, every three months or so.  Maybe that’s why we got along so well – we never spent enough time with each other to tire of each other.

In any case, she’s back, and I can’t wait to see her again – and no, not because I have the hots for her.  She is very attractive, and sexy, and all of that – but I know we don’t work our best together that way.  We get along great as intellectual sparring partners – her being a Development Manager, and my background as a Software Quality Assurance Manager.  We never run out of things to discuss.  If we get tired of software and quality we talk about India, or my time in the Navy, or her parents, or mine.

So Shrihara – welcome back!  I can’t wait until we can share a meal, and some stories.  I would love to hear how things have changed for Dell, India in the last three years.  And I have a lot more stories to tell you about blogging, and consulting, and how they aren’t always a good mix.  And to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life (although you could almost literally skip the face to face meeting and read this blog over the last 900 or so posts – most of what I’ve experienced since last August is here, somewhere, in these pages).  And to hear how your life is unfolding. 


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  2. Also, there seems to be a weird behavior among us humans: We respond more to a P.S. or Afterthought part of a post than to the main part of the post, eh? πŸ˜€

  3. Yeah, I could, but then again, it would get ENORMOUS, since I comment a LOT on MSDN Blogs. MSDN Blogs is one of those things which you can never read all the items yourself (100+, ALWAYS:D). So, it’ll be better if I could keep it in Email, since comments on old posts usually dry up after a while…

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  6. I’m kinda stumped: I asked the Oregon question simply because I was too lazy to lookup the origin of “Chennai” on Google, so I assumed you too would be lazy to lookup “Oregon” πŸ˜€ I guess I some time forget that not all people are lazy like me πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I’ll do it tomorrow, when my Dad’s not shouting at me πŸ˜€

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  7. @Yuvi:

    The origin of the name Oregon is not certain. One theory has it that the name comes from the French Canadian word “ouragan” meaning “storm” or “hurricane.” It’s thought that the Columbia River was at one time called “the river of storms” by Canadian fur traders plying their trade in the area.

    Another suggestion is that the name of the state came from the Spanish word “orejon” meaning “big-ear.” This was a term that was applied to many Indian tribes in the area.

    A third idea suggests that the name of this state comes from the Spanish word “orégano” for the wild sage which grows so vigorously in eastern Oregon.

  8. Well, it was called Madras before, because the province was called Madras before. Then they changed the province name to Tamil Nadu, meaning Tamil Country, despite the fact it’s just a state. Then they called the City Madras, until some politician was officialy spooked at the fact that you couldn’t write Madras in the local language (they lack an ‘s’, there’s only an ‘sh’), so they changed it to Chennai.

    And as to why Chennai is named Chennai, I’ll explain that once you explain to me why Oregon is named Oregon πŸ˜€

  9. It’s Chennai now, right? What was it before? And what does Chennai mean?

    For that matter, what does the new name mean?


  10. Hey, they freakin changed the name of MY city a dozen years ago πŸ˜€ Before I was born, so I’m using the new name πŸ˜€

  11. Yuvi – yes, it was a typo – I fixed it :). And I’ll always know it as Bangalore – how do you just up and change the name of a city that large? Doesn’t make sense to me πŸ˜‰

  12. It took me a second look to recognize that Shrihara is an Indian name πŸ˜€

    I’ve been experiencing this for some time now, but talking to someone from a different culture, a different worldview, a different prespective, can be both quite interesting and illuminating.

    In short, it rocks!

    And, btw, It’s Bangalore(I guess Bangalor was a typo), which was recently renamed by a stupid local politician to Bengaluru, despite which we guys keep calling it Bang. πŸ˜€