Silly Google, Clicks are for Ads (so why don’t you search smarter?)

Google, you are disappointing all of those people buying your stock for (Gasp!) over $400 per freaking share!

Why?  because if I go to Google Search and type “” I get a LOT of hits – almost every blog post I have written.  That’s cool.

But what about going to google images and doing the exact same search?  Nada.  Nothing.  No links, no data, no ads even.  Not a damn thing Google could find on a search in Google images for my blog.

But guess what?  I have a LOT of images on my machine that get Google hits all the time.  Some from my blog, but most from my movie listing  There are over 900 DVD covers (including back covers and dupes).  A lot of people are looking for movie covers, so I get a lot of hits on them.

Google FINDS them in a Google search – but in an image search Google leaves the money on the table.  Shareholder money.  And that would be criminal to me if I were an investor in the GOOG.

And yes, people LINK to images on my blog/Movie Database.  Saves them bandwidth, I guess.

Can Google make money off these searches?  Why not – I know it’s a weird search, but it’s just a line or two of code to do for images what they already do for text.  And millions of viewers (what, a minute?) would have to add up to something – at least enough to justify the ten minutes it would take to implement this.

Maybe a Googler can do it in their “play day”


  1. I really struggle with this as well. I search a lot for images and I don’t like the results that I get with Google. Live search of course is generations behind, so for now I have had to stick with the tools that flickr or zoomer provide.