Simple Custom Search

I often search my blog to find older posts I want to link to.  My blog has a search field on it, so it is generally easy enough to find what I want.  But why should I have to open my blog just to search it?

With a Mozilla (or Opera) browser (I use Flock) it takes just seconds to create a custom search.

scob1For example, let’s build a custom search for Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer blog.


All we need to do is visit the Scobleizer blog and right click in the Search box on his site (click images to enlarge in a new window).

From the popup menu, select “Add a Keyword for this Search…”.



In the dialog box that opens just type in the Name of your search (in this case, “Scobleizer” and then type in the shortcut you will use from the browser – I used “rs” for Robert Scoble.

Now all I have to do to search Scobleizer is type “rs keyword” in my browser – no need to visit Scobleizer first.  Of course “keyword” will be replaced the term I am actually searching for.  Here’s an example – I’ll type “rs lagesse” in my browser – the browser window returns the Scobleizer pages that include the text “lagesse”.

This can be done for any page that includes a search form – Wikipedia, your own blog, YouTube, whatever.

I found it very useful to create a search shortcut called “img” for searching Google Images.