Since I added Meebo

I have about 200 people that read this blog every day.  It varies, but that’s the average.  If I wanted to blow my horn I would say that Mark Cuban’s blog is rated number 4 on IceRocket, and that mine is in between 108 and 104.  But IceRocket’s stats are so unbelievably screwed up that you can’t believe anything they give you. (The stats aren’t screwy – there just aren’t that many users, so my blog looks a lot more popular than it really is – thanks Blake!)

Oh – sorry – back to Meebo.  So I have about 200 users – about ten of them comment (and often, thank you all).  About 20 of them email or IM me.  Of those that IM me, I know them all.  Of those that comment I either know then or feel like I do.  The emailers I don’t know well.  It’s just email.  Impersonal.

But since I have added the Meebo chat I have talked to many, many readers – and it’s a lot of fun.  People chat to argue, or say thanks – or to agree, or tell me I’m an ass.  A couple times to talk to me about consulting work, and a couple times looking for work.

But the chats are always interesting – especially since the reader an choose to leave the default Meebo user name and be completely anonymous – or they can tell me who they are.  All in all it’s a very nice (to me) addition to my blog.

And if you ever wanted to chat, but just haven’t because you think you’ll bother me or something – please chat.  I enjoy hearing from you!


  1. I guess I didn’t realize this was a new product – I came across it from the hit counter on BlogMaverick.

    I do like the product – I use Google Analytics and MyBlogLog as well, but I like the output of your data – especially the charts – they are very handy to get a quick feel for what’s driving people to/from your blog.

    Now that I realize it’s a beta (yeah, I see the beta tag now) I’ll go easier on you πŸ™‚


  2. will def check it out. We are in BETA and basically have a bunch of friends that are using it and a handful of folks that saw the link on our site, so it’s not like we have a ton of users for the tracker.

  3. Blake, thanks! I love this about blogging – you can find people that can help.

    Take a look at my account – kr8tr. I joined IceRocket a month ago or so an am already at 108 or so? Can that be true?


  4. Rob,

    Email me any problems you have had with the tracker and I’ll get them fixed. Thanks!

    Blake Rhodes