Since I was Asked – how I run this web site.

First, I think I need a new category called “Since I was Asked”.  Maybe even a new email address  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow 🙂


But since I was asked about how I run my blog on my own server, her are the particulars:

First, I run this on an old Dell Optiplex SX260 – you can click the link and see the pathetic stats on this now dated machine.

I am often asked if I run Linux on it – no, it’s actually running XP SP2 – and I have rebooted it four times this year.  Really – I’m not making this up.  It just freaking runs and runs and runs.  Granted, I never do anything else with the box (although it does run the email for my domain as well, but that’s fairly light work).

So I have this old machine with a small hard drive, yet it works and works, and works.  I am sure my cable modem isn’t as slow as this machine, so if pages load slowly I imagine it’s my choice of hardware responsible.


  I use XAMPPLITE – it is completely free and includes Apache (your Web Server), MySQL (your Database), PHP (your scripting language), an FTP server (I don’t use it),  and more.  The key thing is that it’s easy to set up.  You do have to modify your Apache confs manually (text editor) (and why hasn’t the open source community come out with a GUI driven front end for configuring Apache?).  But that really took me less than an hour the first time I did it.  It takes under 5 minutes now.

 I use WordPress as my blog.  It ties in neatly with XAMPPLITE – everything WordPress needs is there.  Took me 30 minutes to install (I do know MySQL, PHP, etc, so your mileage may vary).

But it really was easy to set up.  And I like having it here in my house instead of out there somewhere on the Internet.  After all, it’s like a member of the family! 🙂

I also use a wide variety of misc. stuff like widgets and such…. but no need to go into tem here.  That’s another post.