Since I was Asked – "Social Networking"

I was asked what I knew about Social Networking, and how I knew.  Google had the answer.

I often post/blog/comment/join under the tag of kr8tr (relating back to the first “remote web post” I ever made, which was in Hawaii, from an active crater.  Over a decade ago).

Anyway, look at the social sites I have visited (most of them only for a few times – enough to see who they were and what they do).

I got all the way to the 100th page of Google results for kr8tr, and almost every entry related to me, or was from a post by me.  Pretty amazing (and probably enough questionable sites in there that I’ll never get a “real job” again!).

I guess in hindsight (ten+ years of hindsight) picking a weird pseudonym was a good thing – it makes me “searchable”.  That is one of the reasons I named this blog “Stuffleufagus” – it is unlikely to get confused with something else.  Google has 58 pages of results on Stuffleufagus, and I believe they are all me.

This is what blogs like “Brands Create Customers” (Brian Phipps) and “GapingVoid” (Hugh Macleod) talk about when they talk about “building brands”. 

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not arrogant enough to think I have built anything “of value”  – but I have built a brand, or two.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  I was just having fun with a friend when I posted, “A message to you, from the kr8tr” so many years ago, and I was just trying to find something that hadn’t been used for a blog name when I chose Stuffleufagus..  Made up words are pretty easy to track in search engines, so it’s easy to create a “brand” around them.  It’s something altogether different to build a brand with value around them.

Anyway, whether there is ever any value associated with them or not, I have just registered the domain names and  Why?  Why not?  They do nicely round out my domain portfolio to an even 100 domains (although I have MANY expiring this year that I probably won’t renew).

I bought the domains because both kr8tr and stuffleufagus, for good or bad, are now tightly associated with me, and I didn’t want someone else coming along and taking them.


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