Six Months of Bitching Starts….NOW · Violent Acres

 Oh, VA should NOT be worried about me thinking she shouldn’t be doing a man’s job!  I think women should be trained from birth to do a man’s job!  Taking out the trash, clearing the gutters, killing spiders – shit, I don’t like that stuff!  If a woman wants to pull a hair-ball out of the drain more freaking power to her.  She can start over here at my house – there’s a lot of stuff that can use a man’s/woman’s touch.

The toilet in my bedroom keeps running (although it is no longer randomly flushing) the dishwasher just isn’t cleaning right anymore, the bushes in the back need serious pruning after all the rain we’ve had this year, the roof leaks, the doilies don’t match the drapes, and I need to pick a new color scheme for the bathroom.

Shit yes, bring it on women – learn all you can!  Do all you can!  Use my house as a proving ground!


Honestly, I expect to get some flack for taking these classes. Im sure the room will be filled with working class types who dont cotton to women doing MANS WORK. Im betting they either become incredibly defensive or they start talking down to me like Im a retarded 6 year old. Perhaps Ill be pleasantly surprised but I highly doubt it.

Six Months of Bitching Starts….NOW · Violent Acres


  1. VA sounds awfully defensive of her choices. I don’t get it. I know how to roof, put up & finish drywall, lay tile. This is what responsible adults who want to learn do, you take a class.