Size Does Matter

I bought a new 24 inch wide screen LCD monitor that arrived today (very late today),  I replaced a 21 inch LCD with it.  I also have a secondary 15 inch LCD. 

The extra screen space that a wide-screen monitor gives you is simply amazing.  At 1900X1200 resolution I can have my development environment and a debug screens open on the 24 inch monitor and email and IM on the 15 inch monitor.  No flipping between apps trying to find what I need.

What’s interesting is how much more useful that horizontal screen space is than vertical screen space. It’s easy for me to scroll an application vertically – not as intuitive  to have horizontal scrolling that is useful.  Think about the way we read – top to bottom, left to right – but always scanning down more than over.

A wide screen monitor just feels more natural to me.  You should try it. 


  1. Now – come on over (bring beer) 🙂

  2. "You should try it"
    Sure! When are you home?