Skipping Commercials with a DVR

I may have blogged about this before, but since I continue to have friends fall in love with this technique, after I show it to them, I thought I would share it again.

If your DVR has both fast forward, and “instant replay” buttons, this can work for you.

The instant replay button normally rewinds 30 seconds of recorded video.  Fast forward normally works at 3-4 different speeds.

In my case, with my Time-Warner provided Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD there are four fast forward speeds – they are controlled by pressing the single FF button multiple times.

There is a dedicated “Instant Replay” button with an arrow pointing counter-clockwise on it.  It backs up 30 seconds.

If, when commercials come on, you press the FF button twice you’ll be able to still see the video. 

Put your finger on the instant replay button – as soon as you see your show back on (you’ve skipped through the commercials), press the instant replay button.  Chances are you will be within a couple seconds of the start of your show – having skipped 3 minutes worth of commercials in about 15 seconds.

You may have to adjust the timing based on your remote/DVR, but I’ve used this method on a wide variety of DVRs with great success.