Skype Suffers Major Outage

skype_logo It’s painful when Skype is offline.  And this appears to be a very serious outage. 

Fortunately one of my key overseas developer’s found me on MS Live Messenger, so we can still communicate.

I can’t imagine what kind of software error could take the service down for 12-24 hours.  That’s not a bug – that’s some sort of infestation!

Skype has suffered a major service outage that started from approximately 3am PST Thursday.

Skype advised that their engineering team had determined that the downtime was due to a software issue, with the problem expected to be solved ?within 12 to 24 hours.?

The issue was serious enough to cause Skype to temporarily disable all downloads of the Skype client.

Skype has had a very strong record of uptime previously and

Skype Suffers Major Outage


  1. @Deannie – thanks for sharing that official response. I know Skype must be feeling horible that they blamed Microsoft (been there, done that).


  2. Skype’s official response: “We don’t blame anyone but ourselves”

  3. Err, ok. It did certainly illuminate weaknesses in their P2P system that without MWU they would not have discovered.

  4. According to DDJ, “Skype does not point the finger of blame at Microsoft, however, and instead acknowledges that the problem lay in the Skype network code, and that the bug was merely waiting for a large stress on the network to trigger it.”

    So I think it’s a little strong, not to mention inaccurate, to say that Skype “blamed” MWU.

  5. Wow! Did you see where Skype blamed Microsoft Windows update for this issue?!?