Slide – One Million Flash Widgets Added Per Day

I’ll be shocked if Facebook doesn’t acquire Slide, and soon.  If I could buy Slide, I would.  Why?  Because they are everywhere the cool people are hanging out.  They are on all of the popular sites.  And they write code that is almost infinitely re-useable from one Social Network to the next.

Basically, they have a product that can earn them money while they are sleeping.  And that meets my first criteria of any business venture.

If you are not making money when you are sleeping then you aren’t getting ahead – and chances are your are working for “The Man”.

Money you make while sleeping is “free money” – it’s money you worked for some time ago that is still paying today.  It’s royalties on your previous work.  It’s recording one song and selling it 100 million times.   It’s movie residuals.

It’s also uploading an original video to Revver, writing a blog that earns some Ad revenue, selling photos on PhotoBucket.  Selling your old crap on Craig’s List.  There are a lot of ways to make a little bit of money while you are sleeping.  There are also a few ways to make a LOT of money while you are sleeping.

Start with a little one – is there a little something you could do this year that will make you money while you are sleeping next year (and the year after?)

Slide, which makes slideshow and media widgets for the major social network platforms (including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Xanga, Tagged and Blogger) has announced that more than a million new flash widgets are being added to its network every day. Its most popular widgets are Slideshows, SkinFlix, Guestbooks and FunPix.

Slide is very popular on Facebook. Currently Slide’s non-flash based widgets are the 1st, 2nd and 6th most popular applications in Facebook – Top Friends (13.6 Million users), My Questions (7.7 M) and SuperPoke! (6.1 M). Indeed most of the very big Facebook apps seem to be owned by Slide or RockYou!.

Slide – One Million Flash Widgets Added Per Day