For some reason I am getting Googled for the word “Smarky” today.  Paul, you remember this, right?  It was a year or so ago when we discussed “Smarky” on my previous non-blog web site.

I wonder why it’s popular all of a sudden now?


  1. I found it – from an entry in my Mambo site, dated 4/27/2005 8:41 PM –

    “I think I coined a new word today – Smarky. I didn’t add the
    definition to it – just the context. Another friend wrote the
    definition, ‘Sneaky, in a smart way’

    I like Smarky!”

  2. I can’t remember either :(. You told me to add the word to Wikipedia though, I remember that! I did add it, but it’s not there anymore… maybe I can look it up in my old Mambo MySQL database (ugh, I hate SQL queries!)


  3. I SOUNDS familiar, but I’v lost the ‘context’, so I’m afraid I can’t help you out here…
    Smarky .. hmm .. What WAS it, again? Refresh my old memory!