Smelling pretty good!

I’m making chili. I never really make it the same way twice. Today I started with extra lean stew beef (cubed). I blackened it in chipotle sauce, crushed black pepper, crushed red pepper, diced onions and a bit of Montreal Steak Seasoning. After blackening I let it simmer for 30 minutes so it is good and tender. I tasted a few pieces (I admit!) – it is VERY good (in my humble opinion)!

I like beans in my chili. A LOT of beans. Today I am using five different kinds. I also used diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno’s. I added a few slices of Jicama to add some flavor. Of course I also added honey, chili pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano, basil, and chives.

Add in a pound of 93% lean fried hamburger and let it cook for a few hours. Then let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Always eat chili the next day – it’s MUCH better after it has chilled overnight (this is true for home-made pasta sauce as well).

Of course I’ll have a bowl of chili in a few hours – but it’s not really meant to be tonight’s meal. It’ll be much better tomorrow.

But the best thing about cooking chili is that it cooks all day long – filling the house with the aroma of a variety of spices and the teasing of what it is going to become!

If you don’t like beans in your chili – I understand. I was once unenlightened as well…