Smokers must quit, not cut back

 This is the cover art on the MSNBC.COM website right now:

 I’m curious – aren’t people who have never smoked also just as likely to die?

I know, it’s a serious subject – but the text just struck me as… oddly worded, and somehow oddly funny!


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  1. I am pretty sure that Dana Reeve never smoked a day in her life and she died from lung cancer. I agree with the concept that if you are going to quit, just DO it. But then, shouldn’t that be our individual desire anyhow? That whatever it is that we choose to do, we do it 100%?

  2. I agree – 200 cigarettes a day has to be worse than 2. I’ve never smoked 200 in a day – but I’ve come close to half-that during all night work sessions – and I can assure you I felt it the next day (and the day after!).

  3. I agree. It’s a silly ad. As you already pointed out I’m just as likely to die as you, Courtney Love and Keith Richards (the likelyhood being exactly 100%).
    The difference is in the odds of WHEN.

    Secondly, the ad suggests that smoking 1 cigarette a day is about as bad as smoking 3 packs a day. But, surely, quantity IS an important factor.