So why aren’t you building your own site?

I get the question every now and then – I got it just a moment ago.

It’s pretty simple – I tried it once, and I didn’t have financing.  I couldn’t afford to build what I wanted to build without external money.  And I didn’t want to raise external money.  Even if I did, I didn’t have contacts.  That was four years ago.  Now I have contacts.

But now I don’t want to take external money.  Now that I have contacts I understand what external money costs you.  Too much.  I am patient – I can wait.

Until then, it is unfair to claim that I am not building my own site – I have equity in every significant project I have been involved in over the last two years.  And I certainly “act as if I own them, but never forget that I don’t”.

I will “build my own site” one day – but I will do it on my own terns, and not what is written on a “term sheet”.

Until then I am very happy helping others realize their dreams – and bringing me closer to mine.