So.. yes, I hired Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica

And yes, this was a big deal, and a great thing for Rackspace (my employer).

There is a back-story to this that you wouldn’t believe, so I won’t tell it.  Unless you are buying me a beer 😉  Let’s just say I set long term goals and sometimes achieve them.

Anyway, I have a huge amount of respect for these two guys – and I wanted them both at Rackspace – we wanted the team.  They need each other for the magic to be fully extracted.  My Leadership Team made it happen – and quickly – I thank them a great deal for the trust they have placed in me, and in Rocky and Robert.  We won’t disappoint.  We have a lot of hard work to do, but it is good, honest work.  And Rackers are not afraid of honest work – never have been, never will be.

Speaking of odd back-stories (and I need to write a post about SxSW!) – I met the Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh.  We have an interesting historical connection we never realized – we both ran dial-up BBS’s in the Bay Area in the 80’s.  We both know some of the same people.  As a customer focused guy I am awed by what Zappos does.  And I joined Rackspace because they have the same dedication to “customer experience”

I’m hoping to have a public conversation with Zappos soon about Social Media – and how it helps take care of customers — and the bottom line.  Details coming soon.  And of course – Robert will be there.  Moderating, perhaps.



  1. 🙂 Thanks, Yuvi! You are welcome to drop by any time!

    Rob La Gesses last blog post..So.. yes, I hired Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica

  2. /me drops by quietly in the middle of the night and leaves a ‘holy shit that was awesome work!’ note by the door 🙂

  3. @kaylyn – Thanks. I am having a lot of fun – working hard, but hard work that is fun is work worth doing!

    I’m going to try to pay more attention to this blog again. I’ve neglected it for quite some time!


  4. I haven’t ‘talked’ to you in such a long time. I’m glad to see you so happy and well. Wanted to drop a note and mention that I’ve been thinking of you and smiling a lot lately…you are always at least a year ahead of the crowd and sure enough, Twitter is ALL the rage right now. Everytime I see it in the media and people act like it’s the new toy, I think well Rob was sending tweets over a year ago, what took you all so long to catch up?

    Have a great weekend!!!


  5. That was a big move. Congratulations on going for it.

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