Social Media as a Service

I get a lot of people telling me how I can make my employer more successful if we would just learn to market on Social Media – especially on Twitter.

They have stuff to sell, and they want me to buy.  We all need to make a living.

I’m not focused on making money from Social Media – I am focused on saving money WITH Social media.

Every customer we help in near real time is a customer that that is exposed to Fanatical Support® – often for the first time.

And that support is important.  It is timely.  It is genuine – it is driven by an engineer with a desire to help a customer win.

Near real time support adds a lot of value because it both maintains your brand reputation and reinforces your core commitment to customers – that you are a partner, not just a vendor.  That you win and lose together.  That they are not just a number.

So we focus a lot on how Social Media can help us help customers win. That is our strategy.  Please steal it – emulate it – make all my experiences with brands better by making them more engaged with me.

But put real people behind those accounts and hashtags – people that are empowered to make a difference, and people that really give a damn.

That isn’t Marketing.

That is Social Media as a Service.



  1. Rob,

    There’s a great quote that your post brings to mind:

    “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar, From his book entitled, ‘Secrets of Closing the Sale’

    If you were only able to learn just one concept of marketing, this to me would be it.

    If we’re focused on helping others succeed, then what we need and want will come as a by-product of that. It’s the same thing as that Bible verse about “seeking first the kingdom and all this will be added unto you”. It’s the same as when we are in relationship, if both partners are always seeking a win for the others and not just WIIFM, then they both win.

    This is the basis of Rackspace’s Fanatical Support ethos, and it’s the driving force of our business. I’m proud to be a part of a company where leadership gets that.