Social Media Technology Quickstart – A Beginner’s Webinar

I attended this Webinar today, even though it was aimed at PR people.  I like seeing how Social Networking is being applied by real world for-profit businesses.

Shannon did a good job presenting the “intro” to Technorati,, etc – and how PR people could apply the data these tools track in order to better serve the client.

I was really interested in the PRX Builder – described as “PRX Builder helps you easily create the next generation of press releases. Enhance your press release with new media elements such as links, multimedia, and social media service buttons for digg and Automatically add Technorati tags and then distribute your release through PR Newswire.”

It’s an interesting tool – a standardized interface for building “Web 2.0” Press Releases – complete with tags, etc.  There is a WordPress plugin available as well.

I plan on spending some time looking deeper at this, because it’s pretty interesting.  I asked Shannon about the ability to subscribe to the Press Releases via tags, keywords, etc and RSS.  He indicated he is working on it.  I would love to talk to him more, and see exactly where he plans on taking this (or even helping with it).

Many of the tech bloggers I talk to and/or read lament the number of press releases they get – most of them having nothing to do with the blogger’s expertise/interest.  I think PRX Builder could help solve that problem.

Anyway, here’s the description of the Webinar.  I enjoyed it.

You’re a PR professional and you know you need to figure out this ‘social media stuff,’ but you’ve been waiting for the right time. Still, your clients are starting to ask about the blogosphere and multimedia press releases. You can’t afford to put it off any longer. Shannon Whitley, the creator of PRX Builder, will help you take your first steps into the world of social media. Learn the basics through a one-hour introduction and prepare yourself for your clients’ next round of technology questions.

Source: Social Media Technology Quickstart – A Beginner’s Webinar – Event Hosted by Eventbrite