Social Networking Invites

I’ve seen a few recent posts discussing the plethora of Social Networking Invites.  Or “Friend-Me’s”.

Just this week I have received over 90 invites or “Friend-Me’s”.  Granted, I join everything that comes along, and I register all my real data (except my logon name, which I leave as kr8tr when I can).

I can’t keep up.  I started ignoring friend requests unless I recognize the name.  I stopped adding people to FaceBook, or Twitter.  Who has time for that?

 I’ve seen some people suggesting a “Mega-Registration” site where I put in all of my data and it is auto-magically shared with all my friends on all of my platforms.

Sounds like Microsoft Passport to me – but ignoring that – I don’t want my info on another site – I want it on my site.  I want to control it.  Right here.  In my ‘hood.

What I am proposing is the development of a new spec, XML-formatted, that I can post anywhere – my blog, MySpace, etc.  It’s basically a well-formatted “About” page that includes “rules” for sharing my data, and for who can join (based on degrees of separation?).

It would allow embedding through a common spec.  Data sharing through a common spec.  Privacy and limitations through a common spec.

And when I changed anything on my main “about me” page it would auto-magically propagate to every Social Networking Site I belonged to.

THAT would be cool.