Social Networking License Agreement

This cracked me up!  Follow the link to read all of the fees (I like the photo fee best because I have a really cute dog as well).

Dear Social Networking Site Developers,

It has come to my attention that there are simply too many of you.

I am already a member of the social networks most likely to fulfill your promises of having fun swapping “content” with my buddies, and catching up with old friends. Anything more at this point is simply busywork, and should be compensated accordingly.

As it stands, you benefit more from my joining your network than I do. After all, the very value of a social network is its population, is it not?

In exchange for this value I will be providing, I propose the following fee schedule:

Activation Fee: $25 Upon receipt of the activation fee, I will sign up for your social network and create a minimal profile. Enhanced Profile:

$10 For an additional fee, I will flesh out the profile a bit more, perhaps with some movies or bands that I like. Social Networking License Agreement


  1. @ Ike – I’ll need your PayPal information 😎

  2. I feel as though I have some real valuable humor to contribute to this find.

    I will post it below for the paltry sum of 1 penny.

    What a bargain! You’re getting my two cents at a 50% discount!

    (Wait, that was actually a different, yet funny statement. You owe me 2 cents…)