I should be sleeping; instead I am buying domain names.  I don’t sleepa lot, which may explain the many dozens of omain names I own!

I bought this domain (and was looking for .Org – didn’t know .Com was taken until I bought .Org) because I think it would be a cool project to build a web-wide social ranking site…  see my earlier post on Digg-like ratings for commenters.

I think it would be very useful not just for comments, but for social networking sites, newsgroups, etc to use a common site to post/retrieve rankings of users based on other user’s perspectives.

I imagine there would be a variety of things that would be rates, like (tied to whatever the issue was that the user was rated on at the time):








etc, etc


This post, and the domain are just placeholders so I can remember to think about this more later.  Almost 2am my time, and I need to get up in 4 hours.  And I need to get to sleep before I buy any more domains!



  1. uh, really a totally unrelated post but did you see that Mark Russinovich has moved his blog over here: