Soft on Sony

I’m looking for a new HD Camcorder.  I have been for a few months.  I’m playing the, “If I wait a month, I’ll get a better camera for $100 less game”.  I’m used to this game – I play it a lot.  Even as an early adopter, I have a price point a toy has to reach before I make my move.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a new HD camcorder – and I check every weeks or two – to see what’s new, and what the prices are.  I realized today, I’m not looking at Sony products.  They ARE they.  I’m just not looking at them.

Why?  I own the original Playstation, the Playstation 2, the last four TV’s I bought were Sony (including the first big screen 42″ plasma, and every DVD player in my house, including my portable, are Sony.  I’ve owned 4 Sony laptops.  And a Sony PSP and desktop. 

I used to buy a lot of Sony product!  But the PSP is the last think I bought from Sony (maybe some ear buds since then). 

Well – it was a combination of things – some of them Sony controlled, some they didn’t. These things changed my perception of Sony from “look for them first” to “don’t look for them”.  That is a drastic change over a 2-3 year period.

I think I started to like Sony less when I bought my PSP.  There was so much hype (paid for by Sony) about how this would be so cool – games, videos, all in your hand – on a wide screen!  Cool.  That didn’t happen.  My PSP isn’t used – for ANYTHING.  Oh I turn it on every now and then, and I look for the next more-crippling version of the Operating System.  And I install it.  And I look to see, “Have they added anything useful yet?”

Then I shut it off, and put it back in it’s case.  It didn’t meat any need I had – although it could have.  The PSP is an odd device – the hardware generally delights (except the lack of a HD).  And the software interface is very well done.  But the actual service the software offers in very poor compared to what the PSP as a hardware platform is capable of.  Great form factor, WiFi, awesome screen.  No way to download enough content to make it worth throwing in your suitcase.

The the Sony Rootkit story broke, and that was just corporate evil at work.  Next, Microsoft came out with the XBOX 360 before Playstation came out with the Playstation 3.  Even though I had an XBOX, my upgrade dollars went to Microsoft, for the XBOX 360.  Because it was first, and because I believed Microsoft’s gaming strategy more than I did Sony’s.  Wow! That is a brain-change!  And then XBOX came out with a very affordable HD-DVD drive, so I got it for $199 instead of a $700 Blu-Ray.  Guess which format I want to win? (hint – it is NOT Blu-Ray).

And in a recent post I stated that I was looking out shopping, looking for a Nintendo Wii, and XBOX 360 Elite, or maybe even a Playstation 3.  But the fact that Sony was my third choice in platforms, even through the XBOX 360 Elite is a marginal upgrade from my current XBOX 360 is pretty telling.

Sony has lost my loyalty.  Partially because I think they lost their sense of “do what is good for the customer” and partially because I think they have poor vision right now.  The second problem is easier to fix.