Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter (Too many)

I made the error in judgement of adding my name to this list today (link below).  Yeah – I got a ton of new Twitter "friends".  Of course, right now they are all OFF‘s at this point.  But that’s not really the problem.

First, I broke my own rule – I added "friends" that were not friends.

Second, my heretofore carefully cultivated Twitter stream was immediately overcome with such wonderfully enlightening Tweets as, "Mmm..  I am eating pork rinds for lunch".

Honestly, if one of my RLF’s or OLF’s are eating pork rinds for lunch that might, in some bizarre way, interest me.  But a total stranger eating pork rinds doesn’t add much any value to my day.

So of the 100 odd people that started following me today, and the 20 or so I started following before I realized I fell into a trap I was well aware of, and have even blogged about – I’m sorry I wasted your time.  Most of you I will stop following. I don’t have the bandwidth for an unlimited circle of non-friends explaining what they had for lunch, or what color their kid’s poop was today.

Some of them though I have already found some value in.  Hopefully they find value in me as well.  But if they stop following me I won’t be hurt.  People following me are destined to end up in some type of trouble anyway!

For me – I’m whittlin’ Twitter back down to people that are really important to me – and people I know, either online or off.


Twitter is one of the top referrers of traffic to my blog, over 2000 referrers from twitter to my blog in the last 30 days & there’s something happening there. I’ve also noticed and increase of new users over the past 30 days, feel free to add me as a friend, I will add you back.

Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter


  1. @txchick.  Nevermind.  I just read your bio on Twitter:

    That explains it.

  2. And yet another Tweet about me!  You must be infatuated: " He deserves a "franking." Clearly."

    Thanks for maybe sending me a bit of traffic.

    But you REALLY don’t want to start a pissing match with me over pork rinds, do you?  Honestly – I never mentioned you in my post, and now you’re going all psycho on me.

    Chill, girl.  It’s a big Internet – find another piece of it to rage against.

  3. @txchick – and I see your latest Twit is "Wondering why someone would add me to their "following" list and then blog about how inane my comments are."  I thought I answered that quite clearly above: I just don’t have time to read about you eating pork rinds.  And you are taking far too much credit here – I certainly did NOT blog about you – never mentioned you by name.

    And I "followed" you because you followed me.  I couldn’t know about the pork rinds until I followed you.  Now I do, and now I don’t.

  4. @txchick – wow, I don’t think I was being rude about it – it’s not like i posted the names of the Twit who described poop color.  But block away.  I don’t see a need to block anyone, so I’ll just un-follow those that Twit incessantly…

    Have a great day.

  5. The pork rinds were delish. Feel free to take me block me–I have done the same for you.
    Your FUC,