Some good traits for “online media” people

It’s been about 8 months that my primary role has been something “social media” related.  I make the role work for me, and that includes a lot of business development, social networking, and “social marketing”.  You need to find your own path.  As long as it is focused on customers, I imagine you can make it work.

But you have to start with loving to be “helpful”.  That is a powerful word that your customers will respect.

Anyway, here are some of my pointers:

  • You are hyper-connected, and loving it that way.  You are “always” online, even when it isn’t really appropriate.
  • You know your customers.  Better yet, you used to BE one of your companies customers!
  • You know the customer community.
  • You love fixing things.
  • You don’t mind “being the bad guy/girl” if that’s what it takes to satisfy a customer.
  • You are technical in the field you are supporting.  If it’s a writing site/company, you should be a writer.  Know your audience and you will have a respectable voice.
  • Develop an online persona for yourself/company .  It can be your own, if that is appropriate.  It can be a merging of yours and your companies core values.  But it must be genuine, and it must be constant.
  • Make friends with your customers.  Work for them more than you work for anyone else.
  • Remember that you are also changing the way your company thinks/feels about customer outreach.  Don’t forget to reach within early and often.  Get advocates on your side.  Find those others that are already doing your role in an ad-hoc way, and embrace them.  Educate them.  Encourage them.  USE them 🙂

If you aren’t having fun – you are definitely not in the right position – get out of it quickly!