Some struggling going on

I’m having some problems with my latest client.  Most of it is out of my control, and even when it seams I am controlling something I am in fact relying on someone else. 

We are in a difficult transition phase.  Moving development from one foreign team to another.  From one US managed team to another.  It is never easy.

This project is pretty far along though.  Makes it harder to catch up.  The new developers cannot learn the code quickly enough to satisfy me.

I’m learning the code myself – I’ve even made some bug fixes.  But it seems really slow going.  It’s been less than six weeks – but it seems longer.  I know it seems longer to my customer.  I can feel them getting nervous.  That’s expected.  They just bet a lot on me, and things seem bogged down.

This is the most interesting part of coming into a project as a consultant – this is where you have to deliver – quickly.  You have everything to prove.  There are much more interesting stages involved in launching a project – but as far as the consulting relationship – this is where it gets interesting.  This is where I convince the customer they were smart in trusting me.  Or where I screw it up 🙂

I’m working hard not to screw it up.  Much of what I do today is invisible to my client today though.  That’s what makes this such a tenuous stage.  I need to always be working, always be moving forward.  And I need to be able to demonstrate that to my client when they ask for it.

I love consulting.  I love the challenges.  I love that no two things are ever the same.

Consulting will either make you very old very fast – or it will keep you young.

Right now it is keeping me young!