Somebody Hates My New Job

And it isn’t me. Yoshi, my six year old Border Collie is not pleased.

Yoshi got very used to me being home – or me taking him with me when I left.

I know he will adjust, but the past two days he has ignored me for a while after I get home. Eventually he warms up – but he is making it very clear he isn’t pleased.

I guess if my dog isn’t happy with my new job I should at least make sure my developer’s are! 

We had a good first day – a “scrum call” (ten minute sync up meeting, a nice lunch, and some nice conversations.

Some very bright people – including “Naked Einstein” (sorry, inside joke, can’t share the details on this one!).

So far Mosso looks like the best place I could have ended up – there are a lot of things I’ve already been through that I can help with, and there is a TON I have never been exposed to that I can learn.

It doesn’t get any better than this!


Looking for a change of pace?  Want to love your work?  Know Python (or are you just really expert at some web technology?) – call me, let’s talk!