Something broke – partial posts

For some reason my RSS Feed is screwed up today. I am sending title and no text.

I’ve disabled any new plug-ins and un-did any other changes I made today. I hope that fixes this.

It is NOT my intent to deliver anything other than full RSS feeds.



  1. @Jane – yes, Blogorator is something new I am playing with. I like the idea, but if it continues to slow down page loading I’ll ditch it.

    And yes – I decided to keep blogging here. I have no idea why though 😯 !

    As always, thanks for visiting!


  2. I hadn’t noticed an issue with the RSS feeds, here. But whenever I open a page on your site, it says “session error” for Just wanted to let you now. The javascript slowing things down and getting the “do you want to stop this script” is not showing up anymore, though 🙂
    I’m glad you didn’t stop blogging here and that you had a winning birthday!