Something I hear quite a bit of…

Other bloggers, relatives, friends, and even clients have told me, "I wish I could do that".

The "that" they are talking about is me just using my blog for whatever I feel like using my blog for.  To bitch.  To remember.  To honor.  To tell tales.  To celebrate wins, and share losses.

They say, "I use my blog for business, so I can’t do that".  I reply, "then start another blog – or, don’t be afraid to let your customers know who you are".

I’m a pretty open guy – sure I have my secrets.  But they are few.  Many of them were secrets until I revealed them in this blog – now they aren’t so secret.

I like my open blog format.  It won’t win me any awards, or get me a ton of readers.  I’m fine with that.  Because like it or not, I don’t write this blog for you. I write it for me.

And everyone who has told me, "I wish I could do that" really needs to – even if it is a private blog that nobody but them ever sees.

Everyone needs to be able to tell their stories – even if they don’t really want anyone to hear them.