Sometimes it is what you DON’T blog about that is important

I run a small blog that isn’t about anything (except me, I guess). So it’s nice when I get to talk to/meet other bloggers from across the globe.

And it is interesting when I find out things that I would really like to blog about – and I know many other bloggers would blog about, since these aren’t things I have learned while under NDA.

But be it discovering a nasty security lapse in a newly acquired “Web 2.0” property – and working with the company to help them fix it, instead of blogging about it, or finding out a large company is doing an IPO soon (as a scoop!) – sometimes it’s just not the right time to blog what you learn.  Often it is never time to blog about it. Because relationships are more important than readership… friendship is more important than how many people “friend me”.

Integrity is something you should be lucky enough to wake up with every morning, and go to sleep with every evening. And a good woman.

I’m happy to report that I at least have my integrity πŸ™‚


  1. OK – since I’ve already been asked – no, I am NOT sleeping with a “bad” woman either.

    The “good women” position is still open. In fact, there are multiple positions available in this area.