Sorry to disappoint you – but I *really* like Microsoft Vista

I know – I heard you all and I read a lot of you – “Vista Sucks” “it costs too much” Microsoft=Monopoly” “Apple is Better” “The DRM is draconian” “Upgrades suck”

Read it all, heard it all.  But guess what?  You are all wrong, and wrong on almost all accounts.

Vista doesn’t cost too much – I can buy it now and get free updates for at least a couple years – maybe as many as 5.  Apple comes out with a new OS every year or so for what, $129?  I paid $269 for my Windows Vista Ultimate Edition that gives me damn near every feature the Mac OS does – AND compatibility with 90% of the rest of the world.  No, I’m not bashing Macs.  I bet I’ve been using them a lot longer than you have – I just don’ think it’s fair to say “OS X is better than Vista”.  That’s simply not true.  It is different – and that appeals to some people more.  There are things about Vista that are different that I just like better. Personal choice – not technological advantage is the real difference in Mav VS PC.

So why do I like it?  Because it’s fast – because it just works.  Because the friends I have that have upraded to Vista just aren’t calling me as much (and yes, my frind Bruce who has and supports Macs gets as many calls for help from friends and family as I get from my XP friends).  I like it because the release version has not blue-screened on me – not once – and I have plugged in some fairly old (built for Windows 95) hardware – and most of it worked.  What didn’t work didn’t crash my machine.

True – Macs don’t Blue Screen.  They “Sad Mac”.  Or just shut off randomly.  I know – I told you I have used them for years.  And the hardware?  The Mac is still sexier, but the quality difference they used to have is eroding – as they try harder to beat historic price points and as they have moved to a more commodity market in their addons (standard interfaces, etc).

Linux fails in the driver department – no bash on the Linux lover’s out there – I understand the reality here – you can’t have drivers for closed systems unless the manufacturer either writed them, shares the specs, or they are reverse engineered.  But the truth is, much of my hardware turns into little wads of spend money when I run Linux.

My favorite things about Vista?  Well I’ve already done my “Ten Reasons to Buy Vista” post – and those all still hold true.  But my favorite thing about Vista is that so far, my riends are just calling me less for help.  I know – it may be an abberation.  But for now I am enjoying it.

And as for DRM issues – I haven’t had any.  After buying three Apple iDuds for my kids (and having one repaired twice) I gave up on the iDud – I wanted something more reliable.  Both my son and I have Sansa’s now, and we love them.  And neither of us has run into any DRM issues at all (I don’t buy misic online, I buy CDs and rip them – he buys music on iTunes and I strip the DRM off it for him).

So yeah – I like Vista a lot.



  1. Because a) I really buy the music – he just chooses it. I pay for it. No – not copying his music – just removing the Apple DRM so he can put it on his Sansa player, which is COMPLETELY allowed prior to the DMCA (which may argue that I am reverse engineering the DRM even though I am actually just using a tool to REMOVE DRM – I am not reverse engineering anything.

    And this is NOT piracy – I paid for what he is using. I just choose NOT to buy any more iDuds, and he likes to use iTunes – he is familiar with it.

    b) Fuck the DMCA in this regard, and let them find a jury of my peers to convict me for:

    1. Buying music from Apple (legally)
    2. Modifying that music to play on a device manufactured for playing digital music (a device I also paid for)
    3. NOT costing Apple, or anyone a single cent through my actions – in fact, Apple is the beneficiary here – if I had my way Derek wouldn’t use iTunes and it’s crappy quality DRM loaded music in the first place – he would be using Rhapsody, or some other “all you can eat” subscription service. He just likes iTunes because he is used to it.

    So to sum it up, no harm – no foul. I am not stealing anything – I am making what I already bought useable. And I don’t see how anyone could convict me of anything for that. Let them try though – I wouldn’t really mind being a thorn in their asses for a while. At the very least the judge and jury would have a *real* understanding of DRM and the stupidity and expense it causes for everyone in the industry (and it does NOT stop theft – EVERYTHING I have purchased over the last year I could certainly have stolen via bittorrent).

  2. “he buys music on iTunes and I strip the DRM off it for him”

    a. Why do you do that for HIM? He already paid for it. It’s his, he already has it.
    As an outspoken opponent of software piracy (see post about acquaintances needing your help after installing a $69 version of MS word, or something…), you’re not actually COPYING, or allow to copy, his songs, are you?

    b. Do you think it’s wise to confess online that you’re engaging in criminal activities? It clearly violates the DMCA.