Pligg CMS

Digg rip-off or not – I’m playing with this platform now.  I think with some tweaking it would be an awesome replacement for my current WordPress install (even though most widgets would go away).

But it does look very cool – and I love how easy it is to provide feedback.


Pligg is Web 2.0 Content Management System (CMS) unlike any other existing CMS. The user interface gives your visitors a reason to come back to your site by making them decide on the site’s content and giving them the chance to build a social network.

Source: Pligg CMS


  1. Mike Arrington posted about this today on Techcrunch – link:


  2. Although I’d like to agree with Digg’s interpretation of the story (see my comment above, #5) I also agree with Paul that there is surely more than meets the eye.

    Still though I have to wonder how much work it would take to create a Digg-esque CMS from scratch (in the event that Pligg dies)? Really, how complex is the code if everyone and their mom is adopting this model?

    It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

  3. As usual, there’s more to the story than just ‘they downloaded the software, modified it and now claim ownership’.

    So, while the perceived offender here MAY still be ‘wrong’, be careful with which side you chose, because it could be the other way around (from what you think).

    This is clearly about some rivals who worked on product ‘a’ (Meneame), then one ‘forks’ off of that (pligg), and the other guy claims copyright infringement when he’s not credited for some of the ‘forked’ stuff.

    Rob, this is a can of worms! Again, I don’t know who the bad guy is here, but be careful in chosing sides.

    Have a look at link
    And yes it SEEMS there’s some dammaging info there, but we don’t know the whole story. There’s CLEARLY more going on than just simply copyrighting stuff that was stolen.

  4. That’s unbelievable! But kudo’s to the guy for “digg-proofing” his site.

    I’ll try to contact the author of this site tomorrow and see if I can help. Not sure how, but it’s worth trying.

    I can’t believe anyone would have the balls to attempt such blatent theft – there are just too many people watching the Internet – we can’t let this ass get away with one!


  5. Pligg might not by around too much longer, someone modified the source code and is trying to copyright it as original work.

  6. I looked at the plugin – it totaly blew up in my theme. I’ll look later and see if I can fix it. It does look nice on the author site.

  7. Actually, I just found a WP plugin that implements threaded comments: link.

    There’s also a WP pluging for ‘no-page-refresh’ comments, using Ajax. Personally, for a comment, I don’t care too much about a page refresh. But for one-click things like voting… yes, I agree.

  8. 🙂 – I do like the indenting on that site. I’ve run Drupal and Joomla – too heavyweight for my needs, AND neither solve the biggest problem (to me) – there isn’t an easy way for users to provide feedback on any given article (or comment, for that matter). Ideally it would take one click, no page refresh to “vote a post or comment up or down”. Sounds easy enough 🙂

  9. I have also been looking at drupal, joomla en (former pMachine:)ExpressionEngine.

    What I REALLY want is a blog where the comments ON comments are indented (like in most forums, or as on livejournal). Not only do I want it for MY blog, I wish everyone had it.

    Here’s an example: (look at comment #37 for instance to see the indentation work! *wink*):