Space station sinks to a new low

Space still amazes me. I’ve never been anything but awed by Shuttle launches (the two I have been too, and the many others I have seen on TV).


This is a very well written article that should make it pretty clear to people that we haven’t “mastered” space – not by a long shot.  There is a lot of math that goes into almost anything happening on the Space Station.  I’m really glad there are people out there that are VERY good in math! 




The TOPO designers modify the arrival time by changing the station’s altitude and hence its orbital period. They control all three dimensions by the same reboost maneuver, through varying its exact execution time and force. Making all three factors line up is the “Rubik’s Cube” of orbital flight – especially when considering that the planned burn might (as it sometimes does) not be successfully achieved.

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