Spurs Owner Teams Up with Country Music Stars to Support Troops

There is a reason the San Antonio Spurs are a team of “nice guys”. They aren’t beating their wives’, shooting people (or getting shot) at strip clubs, and none of them are suspended for substance abuse violations. It’s because leadership starts at the top – and Peter Holt (the Spur’s owner) is a leader.

Buy your tickets to this benefit concert here: http://militarywarriors.org/

While the Spurs are playing the Mavericks in Dallas November 15th, 15,000 screaming fans will be rocking their home back in San Antonio. Country star Clay Walker is set to headline the first show in what they’re calling “The Heroes Tour.” Spurs Owner Peter Holt and the AT&T Center are part of the new drive to raise money for wounded troops. Called “Military Heroes Support Foundation,” the effort started small in Midland. But now with Holt’s help and the backing of other businesses here, they hope to start a whole new kind of drive to help the many wounded troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. “These are young men and women who’ve done what they’ve been asked and I think it’s our job to support them in anything they need,” Holt told us. “They don’t want a handout. What they want is the ability and potential to do whatever it takes to get re-integrated into society… whether it’s job training or education or rehabilitation or whatever, and their families need support.” Holt came home from Vietnam with a Silver Star, Three Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. But he also felt something was missing. “In Vietnam, when the soldiers came back they got blamed.” “And so I believe the country turned its back on the Vietnam veterans and that’s my opinion as a Vietnam veteran.” Holt sees a big difference today, one he wants to support. “What I’ve been so proud of during the Iraq and Afghanistan war, whether you agree with the war or don’t agree with the war, is that our country has not turned its back on our soldiers.

Spurs Owner Teams Up with Country Music Stars to Support Troops | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News


  1. @Paul – yes – the ones I like to find and purchase were created for use in formal services – they are generally created and distributed with very little/zero label information on them. Certainly no copyright information. So I guess there may actually be a Monk in Tibet or something that owns some rights to what is on the platter…

    But some of these are recording that are over 80 years old at this point. I doubt those are still covered by anything enforceable.

  2. @Rob.. you sure about the copyright? Last time I was in a hotel I thought of something .. I checked that bible the Gideons place there .. and sure enough: SOMEONE has a copyright to it!

    How cool is that? Copyright on the bible!

  3. @Ike – Watching Robert Horry play basketball is like watching kids play a pickup game in the school yard – they just honestly love playing, and so seems Robert. One of the reasons I like Tony Romo so much (besides the fact he has my Cowboys at 4-0!) is because he’s always enjoying the fact that he is playing football. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is playing just for the money – and that takes some of the fun out of watching them.

  4. @Paul – I didn’t say I listened to the Gregorian Chant LP’s. I said I have them :). I do listen to them sometimes though – even though I don’t understand the words. It’s kind of relaxing. I do often use Gregorian Chants as the background music in videos because a) I am sure there is no longer any copyright on them and b) they don’t take away from the video, which is really what is meant to be highlighted.

  5. “if I can’t understand the words it holds little appeal to me”

    You speak/understand Latin? (“I even have a good sized collection of Gregorian Chant music”)

  6. And have you ever seen a guy have more fun winning than Robert Horry?

    Nice guys do finish first. Seven times.

  7. @I like some country music. I also like some rock, classical, Jazz and Blues – a bit of everything (although here is very little rap I care for). I even have a good sized collection of Gregorian Chant music on LP’s (a lot of rare stuff – really!).

    My tastes in music are quite varied. My favorite is probably ballads, in one form or another.

    But whatever the genre, if I can’t understand the words it holds little appeal to me.

  8. Are you a country fan? This does seem like a good cause. It is pleasant to hear good things every once in a while.