Startup Advice

I’m no genius at doing startups.  But I occasionally meet really smart people and try to share with them what I’ve learned.  Below is an excerpt from an email with an entrepreneur.  He is not my client – we have no formal relationship beyond my desire to help him succeed at building something I think is very cool.

Finally, I tell everyone I work with that they can’t expect things to work perfectly – at least not on the first try.  The important thing is to enjoy what you are doing and learn from what does not work. 

But if you do not enjoy it you will not want to try it again.  And just because one idea doesn’t work doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a another great idea.

And I am NOT saying this idea will not succeed – it very well might.  But if your only measure of success in financial you are missing the joy of starting something – of trying what most people are afraid to try.  If you enjoy it and it fails you have still won.  If you don’t enjoy it and it is a success it is a hollow success.

Just do what you love, and try, and try again to make money off of it.


  1. @Deannie – thanks. Of course I’m not *always* an optimist – but I am optimistic that I can someday always be optimistic 😉

  2. This single quality is so important and so easily crushed. I really admire your continued positive outlook and the encouragement you continuosly offer your clients and frankly, the readers of this blog. Thanks Rob!