Startup Sites and what they can learn from me when I sign up

I was just thinking about the sign-in process for Spotplex.  When they asked me to set categories for my blog they limited me to three of 7 or 8 selections.  It clearly said “Limit 3”.  Of course I tried to add a fourth.  It stopped me and told me I could only choose three.

If I ran Spotplex, was responsible for Spotplex users, or was a developer for Spotplex, I would like to know – “Who picked more than three categories, and what did they pick”?

It’s free information.  And interesting as well, I think.  If someone chooses EVERY category then maybe they aren’t really writing a blog at all – maybe they are a spammer.  Who knows what the data would show you over time?

I see a lot of examples of data startups are leaving behind.  Data that’s already been delivered to them – they just aren’t prepared to accept it, store it, process it, etc.