Stay out of San Antonio on November 3rd

There will be a La Gesse family reunion here that weekend.  Trust me – if you aren’t “one of us” you should go elsewhere.  And to my family reading this – yes, it’s November 3rd, place TBD (depends on a lot of things, like weather.  If the weather is good it will be at a park.  If it isn’t, it’ll be somewhere else (my house is available, such as it is 🙂 ).


  1. You just didn’t say what timeish the thingie will start. Yes, I do know thingie and ending “ish” aren’t proper grammar but they work for me. We will be there but it will probably be after 2 because I’m taking a practice teacher test on campus. The real deal will happen in Dec. So around what time and where, or is that up in the air still?

  2. @Paul – sure. You can bring the beer. 😆

  3. “if you aren’t “one of us” you should go elsewhere”

    That almost sounds like an invitation…

    Are you “daring” me?