Steady Traffic makes me smile

 image With no current advertising, our Arabic Social Networking site is doing very well.  Traffic is quite steady, new users are tuning in, and the average time-on-site is going up.

This week we’ll be adding Forums, which I expect will increase traffic and time-on-site even more.



I continue to receive interesting questions about my involvement with this site.  I’ll answer some of those question here.

Q1) Has the Government shown any interest in you building an Arabic site.

A1) I don’t really know.  My PayPal account was frozen for quite some time after I tried moving money out of the region – but I don’t know who or what was responsible for that.

Q2) What made you decide to partner on building an Arabic site in the first place?

A2) Easy – it was Faisal.  I certainly don’t know much about the Arabic Web market – Faisal does.  But I didn’t decide to do this because I thought building an Arabic web site was a great idea – I joined the effort because I liked Faisal – I loved his passion.  I recognized that he is smart, and funny, and a person of character.  I wanted to work with him more than I cared what we actually worked on.  It’s all about the people.

Q3) Are you making any money yet?

A3) Well, no. Not after just a few weeks.  It takes a long time to build a site and a community.  We are patient.  Luckily everything is already paid for, no VC funding was used, and we have nobody to answer to except ourselves.  That makes it much easier to wait and see how things develop.  We have very little pressure to immediately turn a profit.  Any revenue now is going right back into the site. 

Q4) What is your current involvement with the site.

A4) It’s pretty much what it has always been – I advise, I try to remove obstacles, I help plan new features, I manage the server, etc.  But mostly Faisal is doing the heavy lifting.   This is certainly his baby – I just get to feed it every now and then.

Q5) Where do you think the site will be in a year?  How big do you think it will get?

A5) I think we’ll have tens of thousands of users.  I think it will be an important site in the region, and I think the markets we want to be in will accept us well.  Every sign so far says we are on the right track.  Of course we need to continue to innovate, launch new features and keep people involved.

It’s fun watching the site grow, and interesting figuring out where we made bad design decisions.  I’m learning a lot.


  1. raw – one word that makes all the difference 🙂

    And, I guess that that critical mass will come about soon…

  2. @Yuvi – yes. That is information I don’t feel comfortable sharing (yet). Once we’ve established a strong presence I’ll feel less concerned about sharing raw numbers 🙂

  3. And you cut out the figures on the left so that all we can know is that your site is growing, but not the magnitude…

  4. @J.C. – Thanks. We do have high hopes for this property – only time will tell!

  5. Hmmm..

    What you are doing right now is nurturing a future.

    Patiently doing something that you like on forseeable niches that Faizal knows about.

    Patient and collabaration.. A perfect recipe to build magic out of nothing.. 🙂 excellent

    J.C. Carvill

  6. @Sisir – I do have to be somewhat private about what I share. Specific numbers I will probably keep to myself. But trends (as shown in the graph above) are something I feel comfortable sharing.

    I do plan on keeping this space updated with our progress though!

  7. Finally, some concrete stuff about your site! Keep it going…