Stealth ad income

I made $11.85 in ad revenue this month. Anyone see any ads?

That’s because they aren’t plastered on every post. Or on my front page.

They appear on a few select posts. Most of those posts are still popular in searches, but months old. And that’s fine with me. I get enough money for some bandwidth fees and the advertisers get their ad seen by x number of viewers. I think everybody wins.

And no, it is not Google AdSense – in six months of ads plastered all over my front page I made about $40 off AdSense. I’m not bashing AdSense – my blog just isn’t tailored to making money off Google (low traffic, no theme, etc). But an advertiser that looks for specific high volume posts adds more value – to me, to the advertiser, and to you, the reader that doesn’t see ads (usually).

So here’s a contest – let’s see who can find the first example of a paid ad on my site.

After someone does I’ll tell you where the $11.85 came from 🙂

And yes, I know a lot of people make money off of blogs. I’m not trying to – but I would like to break even!

So don’t make fun of my $11.85. I’m rather pleased with it. Especially since I don’t see it “in my face” every time I look at my blog.


  1. @Sisir -good find!  I actually use TextLinkAds.  They offer a lot of control for the publisher and aren’t very obtrusive.  

  2. There’s an ad in your consulting page at the bottom of your text….