Fit Matters – The Perfect Bra size (WTF!)

Uhhhhmmm…. I need to be WAY more careful who I add to my Microsoft Live Messenger (currently I have 557 contacts). I got a request and as usual, accepted it. But I was surprised when the girl send me a link to the post I linked to here (that I wrote a couple of weeks ago) and then, via her Webcam asked me, “So, whatcha think” as she showed me her breasts!

This was a joke people 🙂

And I sure hope “missy_krissyXXX” (the XXX was numbers I won’t disclose to protect her identity) was of age, and that I can’t get into trouble for being surprised by a pair of breasts popping onto my screen on a Saturday afternoon!

Just a few minutes before this happened I saw a Google search hit this linked post. The search query was, “What is a perfect breast?”.

missy_krissyXXX, you were very close to perfect – I hope you aren’t fretting about them. But you really shouldn’t be showing them to random strangers on the Internet. That’s just plain dangerous.

The Internet never fails to amaze be. Nor do people.

I just saw a commercial from the Macy department store. They have something new called Fit Matters that is supposed to help women find the perfect shape/size bra. I think I could do this better with a Web-Based Ajax Social Networking application that leverages folksonomy and incorporates the blogosphere and the infiltration of new media devices, like the iPhone. Basically the service would allow the end user (customer) to upload several bare-chested high resolution photographs (or even better for our algorithms, video) to our server where our intelligent systems will utilize both advanced machine processing and human review to render a 3D model of the customers breasts.

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  1. Resemble the remark? Don’t you mean resent? You’re getting old Rob 🙂

  2. @Deannie – yeah! I’ve been lucky though – my commentors have almost always been people that add to the conversation. I haven’t had to deal with many trolls!

  3. As long as the commentors themselves aren’t boobs, right? 😉

  4. Hey! I resemble that remark!

    Seriously though – I haven’t had enough free boob shots for that to explain why I still blog…

    In fact, I think I prefer comments to free boob shots!


  5. Do we really wonder why Rob keeps on blogging here?? 😆

  6. lol. This is a family channel people 🙂

  7. Gads, I love your wife! If there were breasts at 10 o’clock my ex-wife would have me looking at the geriatric at 3 o’clock.

    Lucky SOB!

  8. “But you really shouldn’t be showing them to random strangers on the Internet. That’s just plain dangerous”

    Not nearly as dangerous as showing them to random strangers “in real life” …

    And don’t worry about her fretting about them … women with close to perfect breasts and fretting about them, rarely show them to random strangers.
    Trust me! I’m an expert in these matters.

    Typical conversation with my spouse:

    Wife: Honey!
    Me: Yes?
    Wife: DON’T LOOK!
    Me: Where?
    Wife: 10 o’clock, next to the blue car.
    Me: Fake!
    Wife: Yeah, I thought so too.