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Yesterday I asked what this piece of machinery was:












If you chose “Tree picker” you are correct.  Although it is technically known as a Tree Spade. Wikipedia has a great article on it.

Below is a video of this thing at work.

STUFFLEUFAGUS » Blog Archive » Question of the Day


  1. Now Paul – you KNOW I corrected that immediately! Even before your comment – in fact, as soon as I heard my computer give it’s unique groan telling me you had logged on I was already correcting those typos!

    You are just too damn quick! Does your boss know you spend all day looking at my blog? (Never mind – I KNOW your boss – and I should have remembered he wouldn’t know the difference between you writing code or correcting my grammar!)

  2. “If you chose “Tree picker” you are correct”

    Yeah… why use a cherry picker when you can pick the whole tree?

  3. That thing actually reminds me (at least I have this vision of it in my mind) of some of the tools my dentist used on me!

  4. “before I get corected”

    It’s “shows” not “shos” …

  5. OK – before I get corrected (Paul!) the video shows a SIMILAR device at work :mrgreen: