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Now that I’ve moved my mail server out of my house, I am looking at moving my blog as well. This won’t be as easy. I have about 600 people subscribed to my current RSS feed. How do I get them (you) to change? It’s not easy.

But I own the domain for, and it would make a lot of sense to move my blog there, on a hosted (but manageable) server. I’m sure it would be MUCH faster that accessing this site through my cable modem.

So what’s the best approach here? How can I get you to change your feed links? I’ve heard too many horror stories of people that moved their blogs and lost a huge chunk of their readers (I don’t want to do that – I love all of you :))

Of course I would keep both feeds alive for a while, but that won’t solve the longer term problem of what happens when I shut off my current feed.

But I’ve now saved myself the hassle of running my own mail server locally (I still run my own server – it’s just easier now). I also save that bandwidth (which allows more bandwidth for you to hit blog).

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  1. So was I 😉

  2. I was referring to the: (wake up late, work late, drink early)

  3. Hmm – yeah, most of what I know has come through trial and error.


  4. I guess you know all this by “having been there”?

  5. @Paul – you *should* do consulting – it would fit your lifestyle (wake up late, work late, drink early)


  6. It shouldn’t be that difficult at all… moving the site and its content to a different domain is simple, and forwarding queries to to is easy too. The only problem is when you start using for something else, but even then, simply add a huge ‘stuffalavegas moved HERE’ link .. no big deal at all.

    Oh… hey .. btw .. I’m currently accepting consulting jobs too! 😉

  7. Yeah – I hadn’t thought of how to move the data, but that seems pretty straight-forward. Export to a file and import. Sigh – every time I think something is easy, it isn’t!

  8. Kikker46 says:

    Just make sure all of those posts will be on that blog ;).