Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Flickr = Censorship

OK, I did it.  My Flickr Account now includes just one photo.  This is my little way of protesting Yahoo/Flickr for censorship.  Read the link before for more info.

I posted a little while ago that I was VERY unhappy with Flickr.

Now I see this.

What to do?  How can we send a message to Yahoo?

I know how I’ll do it.  I’ll get my damn Yahoo login to my freaking Flickr account, and I will delete every photo there. I will replace them with one photo – this one:

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  1. @deannie: Their CEO said they’re planning a major upgrade in the next few days….

  2. deannie says:

    I will move to Zoomr when they are a little easier to use.

  3. I’m moving over to Zooomr – looks like more active development on that tool 😎

  4. Can’t say I will join the protest, I still love my Flickr, but I am glad you feel better 🙂