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 Here is the link to my initial review of You might want to read it (and the comments) before reading this “Part Two” post.

 I had planned to just make comments on the initial post to add some updates – but since YouMe.Us responded directly in that comment thread indicating they were working on some of my concerns about age-appropriate material, I decided to separate this second look into it’s own post.

The first thing you’ll notice that has changed is the “Welcome Page” – it now has prominent buttons displayed for people that haven’t registered.




In reality, I couldn’t tell any difference in content based upon which button I picked.  Picking “I’m age 13-17” then searching for “sex” displays this partial content (click to enlarge in a new windows):






You’ll notice that some entries are not available for viewing.  Clicking on the “I’m age 18+” button still hides those items – which is appropriate – since the user hasn’t registered yet they shouldn’t see any adult content.  A much needed improvement.

I am curious what they filter for adult content – it certainly doesn’t include the word “sex”.


In my previous post I commented on the Terms and Conditions.  One of the issues I had was that if the site isn’t designed for people under 13, then they should make that clear.  The old Terms and Conditions stated:

We hope children don’t use our site – but if they do, it’s not our fault.

The new Terms and Conditions replaces that line with a much more strongly worded one:

This site is not intended for children under 13. If you’re a child under 13, don’t come here.

Kudos on that change.  They also altered the Privacy Policy to make it more clear, changing it from:

We won’t collect or keep any information about children.


We won’t collect or keep any information about children younger than 13.

Again, a good change.


I wanted to look a little more depth at the content filtering, but the email validation system doesn’t appear to be working right now (or it is VERY slow).

To sum it up, this site has drastically improved it’s approach to appropriately handling content when the user age is not determined.  Yes, anyone can still lie about their age, but at least now it doesn’t appear as if YouMe.Us is encouraging children to use the service.  I still wouldn’t want my 13 year older daughter using it, but that’s just me.




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