Stupid People Tricks

** Update ** – Don’t click on that random image – it really screws up the layout of my blog! Instead go to the Gallery to view bigger copies of the image, etc.  I’ll fix this is soon as I can.

I hosed my blog today (actually my entire web server).  All to get a “random image” on my Sidebar.  And all because I just didn’t think through what I was doing before I started doing it!

I made a stupid people trick – the Gallery software I was installing needed either an earlier or later version of PHP (really – odd, isn’t it?).

So I upgrade PHP.  WRONG!  My Apache installation required an older version of PHP.  OK, I’ll upgrade Apache as well, and life will be good – right? Wrong!  The new version of Apache wouldn’t work with my version of MySQL.

OK, shit – now all I have to do is update MySQL, right?  Evidently not.  Nothing would work at that point!

So I killed my complete web directory (my blog and such is not on the same drive as my web server/database/tools).

I installed the latest version of XAMPPLITE, changed my Apache .conf file, set security up, and finally got the darned web server and blog running again.  An interesting side affect was that my little “Random image widget” started working!

So a half day “wasted” only to add a stupid little image widget that won’t really do anything except slow my server down!

Oh well.  What’s done is done, I guess.  It took half the day to get that image there, so I’ll leave it for a while!



  1. Oh – yeah, there will be a lot o “I love you daddy” drawings by Lauren. It’s a rare day when I wake up wiothout a drawing sitting on my computer keyboard – it’s a GREAT way to start the day!

    There is a lot of Lauren’s drawings in the queue right now because that folder happened to be on the same drive I installed the Gallery software in. I’ll copy more images over as time allows!


  2. the image I saw that was so nice was a cornucopia shape with the words, “I love you Daddy” inside…

  3. I had similar troubles with MySQL (in Ubuntu Linux). XAMPP overwrote my older installation of Apache/PHP/MySQL and therefore screwed everything totally up… so now my test server is bonkers until I can get in and figure out what the heck I did wrong!

  4. Err – which image? It changes every time you reload the page. Maybe I should make it an “image of the day” instead – that way people can comment on it and we’ll know which picture it was!


  5. That image is sooo nice…my vote is that it was worth the journey to share that with readers.